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Sun. - Thurs:11:00am-9:00pm
Fri. -Sat.:11:00am-9:30pm
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1119 18TH ST, BAKERSFIELD CA 93301-4690
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Dine in & Take out
Title: 2016-07-13T01:44:25
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Title: Carmine Coloring2016-06-27T15:26:52
Love your food especially sweet and sour sauce; however, I have developed an allergy to carmine/cochineal coloring and can no longer eat the sweet and sour after having an anaphylactic reaction to it. Please consider stopping use of products containing this colorant. It is from an unappetizing source to begin with as it is derived from crushed insects and there are many other vegan and safer alternatives. Thanks for your time and consideration.
Title: Lost a long time customer... Even My AADE and API oil friends will hear.2016-04-30T11:33:31
So Friday April 29th I had a few guest at house and we decided we wanted some dinner, we then decided to order rice bowl. We called at 8 pm the young girl on the phone took order and I'm guessing she was not not paying attn became at 8:23 they called my phone and I did not hear it ring, I seen they called and returned the call at 8:29 and he young girl said they got the address wrong and took the right address, she then explained that they were sorry but food was on its way. We waited until 9:36 pm I called them back and they informed me, Oh ya by the way it's to late all our drivers went home.... I told they young lady aging why was I not call? She just kept saying sorry all the drivers went home, I then asked what about my dinner? She stuttered I'm sorry but no dinner. I then explained that she now lost a customer and I will be letting everyone know that the service is no good do NOT use them... sad deal I remeber eating here as a kid, and we hold oilfield events here every month.
Title: LOVE THIS PLACE2015-12-19T18:47:29
Title: Really Good2015-10-15T20:49:58
Food was great!! Delivery was so fast I could not believe it. Food was fresh and so hot when it got here I could hardly get it out of the bag without burning my hand. Will be ordering a lot from here in the future!! Lady that took my order was very friendly and professional. Awesome experience!!! Keep up the good work.
Title: Horrible nasty2015-10-15T18:29:35
Ordered delivery at 4:34 6:20 no food called back and the lady on the phone wants to argue that the order was placed at 5:49 when I'm looking at the exact time I ordered the food. Then she wants to be rude and hang up when we ask for a manager to call us back. So I call back ask who answers for the manager I'm put on hold the same rude lady gets on the phone I ask if she's the manager she says no... Then why are you on the phone I ask and she has no response and doesn't know where the manager is or when he or she will return... I'm sure there are people looking for a job that would be more deserving then this horribly rude lady.. Way to do business rice bowl... You didn't hesitate to charge my card did you? I'll never order from there again and I'll make sure to let everyone I know about this negative experience.. Let's see if the manager can call back...
Title: 2015-08-15T17:49:32
Shout out to the chef! Amazing food! Haven't had such great food and service from Rice Bowl in a really long time! My grandma would've liked to thank the chef personally but we didn't have a chance. Best regards! -Saribel
Title: 07/20/2015 around 1:30 pm2015-07-21T21:45:13
went there Monday bad service, left a card for the owner to call me, never got a call. what is going on with the Rice Bowl! not like it was bad staff. Food not right like it was. no management!!!!!!!!
Title: Bad day2015-07-09T20:32:46
I had lunch today at the rice bowl there was a family with 4 children they were out of control screaming running around not one staff member asked them to settle down, when I brought it to my waitress attention she said she couldn't do anything when brought to the cashier attention she said she did not hear the kids who were about 2 tables from the cashier, I said to the mother thanks for destroying my lunch bottom line I have been going to the rice bowl for over 40 years this was my last lunch and dinner there, the cashier your a real winner you a poor excuse for an employee
Title: Would be a loyal customer, BUT...2015-05-31T15:39:32
I really wish you guys delivered to Stockdale and Renfro! I have called repeatedly asking if you could add a few more blocks to your delivery routes. So disappointing! I would have you guys on speed dial if only you drove a few more streets past Allen!!
Title: First and last visit2015-04-22T17:39:13
The orange chicken and the chow mein that I had today (first and last visit) was bland and tasteless. It was a free lunch put on by my employer or I would have refused to pay for it. Plus the guest sitting next to me found a hair in her food. It was by far the worst Chinese restaurant I have visited. Disgusting restaurant !!
Title: yyyyyyy2015-04-14T11:22:31
Title: Dinner @ friends' home was a hit!2015-02-13T08:44:59
Yesterday, Feb. 12, 2015, I ordered the Family A for 5 persons for pick up. The employee was friendly and assisted with taking the second large bag to my car. The food was hot and cooked to perfection! Six of us to our hearts' content. Thank you for making this dinner an evening our families will remember for a long time. The Rodriguez Family
Title: Horrible2015-01-21T18:54:07
placed a order for delivery and wait time was a hour. well it took an hour but when I got my order it was not exactly what I ordered. they did not offer to do anything at all about it. stuck with something I don't want because they messed up. they took the order wrong. because it was delivered they said nothing they could do about it. so they got me for 30.00 and some nasty tasteing wings and calamari. but never again will I order from them or go there.
Title: My Favorite place!2015-01-19T16:18:49
Rice bowl is my absolute favorite place to eat! The food is delicious, the servings are massive, and the customer service has always been nothing but pleasant! Dining in or take out I have never been dissapointed. I have tried just about everything on the menu and love it all!
Title: Rude Employee2015-01-11T15:38:34
Went into restaurant and waited to be seated. One of your female employees was very rude and presented an arrogant attitude and called my mother an old lady. I have been visiting your restaurant since I was a little girl and I have never encountered such disrespectful employees. I will be calling to speak with the manager
Title: 2014-12-30T15:05:56
We ate lunch on Sunday Dec. 28th. I asked for one larger plate, because the plates for the family style dinners are so small, I was told that I could not have one! She said the boss, Alan said no! I was so surprised
Title: BAD Call In Service2014-12-07T14:50:54
Title: Jay Cooper2014-11-27T13:02:08
Subject: Are you finding it difficult to track your business’s reviews and ratings of all your business location(s)?Hi,I hope this email finds you well! I wanted to reach out because in my research, I found that your business “RiceBowl” had foot on all major local platforms like Yelp, Foursquare, Google Local etc., and social platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc ., to know your customers feedback.And are you finding it difficult to track all your customer’s ratings, reviews on above mentioned platforms? Then is the best tool to help with your problem. No matter how many locations you have or you are going to add it will work just perfectly and not burdening you much in terms of budget as well.Please follow the URL to know the basic report from If you want to know more about feel free to reach me at , I will be very happy to assist you.Hope I had reached correct contact person. If not, please forward this mail to the concerned team or person. Appreciate your help.Regards,Jay Cooper.
Title: Bad Business2014-10-27T19:59:19
Food Delivery - Cash Only !!What kind of business only takes cash when you offer delivery service?I am a hotel manager in Bakersfield and have referred several guests to your restaurant and for room delivery. You just lost our referrals and business !!
Title: ratings2014-09-19T00:29:15
five stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Title: YUM!2014-09-07T16:08:11
I love the food! The ricebowl has an enjoyable atmosphere and the service from the waiters/ waitresses is always great. I have never had a problem with the food or service. I will say im confused on the substitution part of the menu. Why charge extra for substitution or more for an extra plate? Regardless im still gonna keep coming back...thanks for making great chinese food!!!
Title: been there done that2014-09-07T11:35:38
I have worked in the food industry for many years. And the one thing i learned from it is that YOU CANT PLEASE EVERYBODY. One person likes this, and another person doesn't. I work downtown and i go into rice bowl on my breaks to eat lunch, and I have to say everytime I go in I am FULLY SATISFIED. The amount of food you get, for the price you're paying is amazing. you're basically getting free food. I don't think rice bowl gets enough credit. their food is amazing, the staff is amazing, and I will continue eating there. THANK YOU RICE BOWL FOR YOUR AMAZING FOOD.
Title: Receptionist2014-08-08T13:59:04
very rude when answering phone we know its lunch and youre busy didnt even wait for an answer just put me on hold..other wise awesome food..fmo
Title: 2014-07-27T21:46:56
For starters, I waited an hour and thirty minutes for delivery ($5.00 charge). The food wasn't nasty but it was simply average, I wouldn't have been so upset had it not been overpriced! I spent $36.82 for shrimp fried rice $8.50 (extra shrimp $3.00), egg rolls $6.75, fried shrimp $8.50, and a 12oz. can soda that was priced at $2.50?!! I couldn't believe it, but I was hungry and did not want to make a big fuss over it. I will never eat there again! Thanks for nothing, Rice Bowl, what a disappointment and rip off!
Title: Very Rude Waitress2014-07-26T15:13:39
Old lady did not want to sub an item and said they cannot do that. She seemed annoyed when I asked her for a straw and that I was missing my egg roll.
Title: They don't want my business2014-07-06T17:56:42
A couple of years ago I placed a delivery order and was told it would be take an hour for delivery. After 90 minutes I called to inquire about my order and was told it would be delivered any minute. After waiting another 30 minutes, I called to speak with the manager and cancel my order. The delivery driver showed up 10 minutes later and I accepted the order as it is usually not the drivers fault. Today I attempted to place an order and was told that the computer system says that they are not allowed to accept orders from me. I will taking my business back across the street to Bill Lees including the frequent business lunches that I attend. I will also be spreading the word to all that I know to not spend money at a restaurant that blames customers for their own short comings.
Title: Pussy2014-06-14T11:52:42
Title: What's happen to Rice Bowl?2014-06-05T17:00:43
Placed order and waited 90 min. only to watch driver pull into my drive way sit there then back out and leave. Placed call to Rice Bowl and was told the driver forgot food. Ok it happens. I told them I wanted to cancel my order as it would be over 2 hours and food sit time to long. No offer of adjustment of the bill. Hung up on. They still charged me for the food! $60.00 for their mistake!!(food was never delivered). Like many others me and my family has been going to Rice Bowl for 48 years! (this used to be the place to order take out. No longer lives up to it old reputation). Rice bowl lost over a dozen customers in just my family, not to mention many friends. The end of a Bakersfield institution. Way to many great restaurants in town to put up with Rice Bowls lack of quality service if not criminal servicel!!! The people taking orders are very rude and act as though they are doing you a favor to wait on you! Then to be hung up on? Wow...Very disappointed with Rice Bowl! Never again!!!
Title: poor delivery area2014-06-04T16:49:25
I'm very disagree about the covered area you work with, is my first time a Trying to order with you restaurants because a lot of friend recommend me your restaurant and my surprise was not delivery on my area ????Please, specify in your page that you don't go all places that avoid losing the possible customer time.Thanks youNora Romo
Title: yy2014-06-03T13:12:40
Title: sc2014-06-03T06:55:17
Title: No Substitutions!2014-05-10T18:44:49
Been coming to Rice Bowl since I was a kid, 35 years. Wanted to order the delicious food (and the food is great) for delivery but was told I couldn't substitute an item. I have done it before and the web site says you can for $2 which I am happy to pay. When I told them I didn't want to order if I couldn't sub one item on the family meal I was told, "OK" and hung up on. What kind of a place hangs up on a customer about to place a $60 order because the won't make a substitution? Wow, what a disappointment from what I used to consider an old home town friend of a restaurant. Should I give them another shot? Not sure.
Title: Bad Customer Service2014-05-02T11:19:16
I tried placing an order over the phone - was told that I could make a predate order but when I called back, I was given nothing but problems. The lady on the phone was very rude and lacking customer service. I was originally told that I could have it at a certain time but then she told me that I couldn't. Not only did they miss out on a big order, but they missed out on our service. I worked in the restaurant/delivery field for over 15 years - I would have never or allowed my employees to be so rude to a customer. We host large events every month and always place big orders but will refrain from ordering from this company in the future. Employees need to be retrained in giving proper customer service, phone etiquette, and on their company policies.
Title: Bad Service2014-04-23T18:27:54
After years of dining at your restaurant I have to say today you lost a customer due to your bad customer service. I ordered food for two and you send me pint size containers and cold noodles in a bag? When I called to inquire why? I was passed around to diffrent employees, just to have Allen telll me that's the way it is, too bad. Nothing he can do about it. Your restaurannt has good food but your customer service needs alot of work. We wont be coming back.
Title: Bad Attitudes and Delivery Complaint2014-02-08T18:37:28
I have seen numerous delivery cars pass by my house to deliver for this place. But when I call to ask for delivery they said they do not deliver in my area. How is that possible, when I see your drivers on a regular basis delivering in my neighborhood? Just saying .......
Title: discount!2014-01-24T15:03:55
You guys have discount?? like a gift certificate?? it would be best!!
Title: TRY SOME PROMO'S2014-01-24T15:02:00
Do you guys have promotions???It would be best if you have gift certificates to invite more customers.
Title: Cynthia2014-01-03T05:56:40
obnoxious and arrogant. I wouldn't deliver to you at any price.
Title: hello2013-12-19T14:42:11
how much is delivery cost
Title: 2013-12-11T20:11:37
I ordered 2
Title: great service delicious food2013-09-27T23:55:21
loved the food and service we were very satisfied definitely ordering again delivery was quick also
Title: Cynthia2013-09-14T19:40:57
Here visiting and wanted to order food to be delivered. SHOCKED you don't deliver out to Rio Bravo Country Club area or other homes nearby. We are in the Bakersfield CITY limits, not even 10 miles from your restaurant . There are at least 3000 new homes here...and if you do your homework, we are all in the upper socio-economic background, college educated with disposable incomes! Catch up with the times; learn more about your city and know there is still a lot of money on the EAST side of town. Not everyone has moved to the west side of town. Your only competition is Rusty's Pizza! And thank me when you double your home delivery business!
Title: PINE SOL2013-08-06T21:20:21
Please don't use such a potent floor cleaner when you clean before you open up your restaurant. We get there at 11:00 and the smell is so overwhelming it takes away from enjoying our meal.
Title: A very old customer2013-07-30T12:07:11
Many, many years ago, back in the 1970s, my family lived in Bakersfield. I was only a child, but I remember my favorite food in the world was the rice bowl. I lived the sweet n sour chicken, which, at that time were what I thought were little mini drumsticks. To this day, despite having enjoyed Chinese food for years, including authentic San Francisco Chinatown food and various other food, your sweet n sor šucee (bright red!) is still what I judge all others against. If it were possible to have food delivered to Arkansas (where I currently live") I would.Thank you for the tasteful memoriesMarta Towne. Aka McGill
Title: Inconsistent Delivery2013-07-13T18:07:08
Year ago I saw a Rice Bowl delivery car in my neighborhood so I called in for an order. I was told I was out of the delivery area. A few weeks ago I saw the Rice Bowl delivery car parked on my street. I stopped and asked the driver if he was lost. He was. He told me the address and I told him it was about 4 houses down the street past me. He sais he has been there multiple times. I called in for an order tonight and was told it is out of your delivery area again. When I told the lady that I had talked to your driver, she repeated that it was out of your area and hung up on me. You need to be consistent. You tell me that you don't go north of Snow on Calloway but you can actually get to me faster then Snow and Calloway by going on 7th Standard to Calloway. It may be 1 mile further, but probably 5 min faster. Unhappy.
Title: RUDE PEOPLE2013-07-13T16:57:54
I usually have no problems ordering at the restaurant but placing an order with them to deliver is a pain. I order from them once a week and there is one girl that always seems to answer and she is so freakin rude!! They always give me a hard time about my address and she has also hung up on me a couple times. Ever since they have these new people that are working there the customer service is horrible.
Title: very good, very fair2013-06-17T13:59:06
I think that they were good, nothing out of the world but fair for what we payed for, their prices are kind of like panda express(with way bigger plates), but you have the restaurant feeling, not McDonald's feeling like at panda, maybe it was due to 1st.- I have only been there one's so... 2nd.-Tried the teriyaki chicken "lunch special", it's only 7 bucks. 3rd.- I did not see any "high chinese cuisine" or "gourmet chinese. food" signs out side, so we got what we expected4th.- when i order an Americanize Chinese plate i do not care about my chop sticks lol. mmm and the service was good, we got there at 12:30 and left at 1:25 (lunch time Sunday) for me that was fast, perfect for a local Chinese spot, and looks very nice to. thank you for the service.
Title: really memorable2013-06-06T19:31:32
In your web pages you say 'our restaurant has been dedicated to offering the most memorable dining experience for you'Yes, really we will remember !We have never had anything as discusting in America, Europe, Korea, Singapore or Australia.The plate 'Alamonds and chicken... something' contained no alamonds, instead it contained a large amount of celery, which is a strong allergen and never found in Chinese food. I sent this plate back and the waiter got me a new one. This was the first time ever I have returned a plate.It might be there was also chicken -tiny parts as if somebody had already been chewing them.The carrots and green beans were straigth from deep freese and not suitable to any kind of Chinese meal.The crispy nudels were fried leftovers from some other plate swimming in some undescripable oil.I ate about 1/5 of the portion and left for a hotdog. My wife left her portion as well.My best advise to yoy is to fire the chef and visit some real Chinese restorant.My stomach is still trying to forget your memorable restaurant.
Title: really remorable2013-06-06T19:27:49
In your web pages you say 'our restaurant has been dedicated to offering the most memorable dining experience for you'Yes, really we will remember !We have never had anything as discusting in America, Europe, Korea, Singapore or Australia.The plate 'Alamonds and chicken... something' contained no alamonds, instead it contained a large amount of celery, which is a strong allergen and never found in Chinese food. I sent this plate back and the waiter got me a new one. This was the first time ever I have returned a plate.It might be there was also chicken -tiny parts as if somebody had already been chewing them.The carrots and green beans were straigth from deep freese and not suitable to any kind of Chinese meal.The crispy nudels were fried leftovers from some other plate swimming in some undescripable oil.I ate about 1/5 of the portion and left for a hotdog. My wife left her portion as well.My best advise to yoy is to fire the chef and visit some real Chinese restorant.My stomach is still trying to forget your memorable restaurant.
Title: Tell um real history2013-04-28T16:45:16
Tell um all the history from 1945 with Herman and the Leong family. Im 67 and remember when it was small and had green booths!
Title: Ok.2008-12-13T00:00:00
I went here for my friend's wedding reception and the food was good but not great. I have much better chinese food than this. Kind of dissapointing, even though it was free. ...?
Title: Great Chinese Food2008-12-04T00:00:00
We usually get rice bowl delivered to us but the dine in experience is great too. It is very traditional Chinese decor but their food is catered more to the American taste-bud. I recommend getting their lemon chicken. ...?
Title: Love It2008-11-11T00:00:00
I always go here to get good food quickly. Extremely affordable and very good as well. It is always clean and the employees are friendly! Definitely recommend checking out this place! ...?
Title: Not my favorite2006-04-15T00:00:00
I've only been here a couple of times in the past few years. The first time I met a My Mom and then friend there. I didnt eat with them but took my food home. My Mom called later that night to say dont' eat the food!!!! They had gotten ...?
Title: delivery or sit down2005-06-18T00:00:00
At Rice bowl you can either sit down or they can deliver your order to you. Everything here is good. Most menu items for one person is under ten dollars, and for two people you can usually order a combo meal for under twenty dollars. ...?
Title: REVIEW #12005-01-01T00:00:00
I have loved eating at the rice bowl for years. The egg flour soup is excellent and they have used the same recipe for many years. The chicken fried rice is probably the best in town and I love their fried shrimp and ribs. ...?
Title: REVIEW #32004-01-06T00:00:00
Restaurant could use some remodeling but food wise it is more than adequate. The egg flour soup and the pork fried rice are still the best in town. The ribs and fried shrimp are also quite good. Nothing else really stacks up to these ...?
Title: 2/21/2013 3:47:00 PM
I really do hate giving local restaurants poor reviews, but this one deserves it.Being slightly wary of this establishment given it's lackluster Yelp performance, I decided to try it anyway, primarily because I wasn't sure how great of an authority Bakersfield Yelpers are on Chinese food.Honestly, the interior of this place is really nice. Given the old Rice Bowl sign outside I was kind of expecting shabby 60's cafeteria feel, but was pleasantly surprised by the modern interior.I went for lunch, and their lunch specials really are priced fairly well (maybe a little high given the area, but not outrageous). I was seated at a booth and it seemed to take forever for a waitress to appear. Once she appeared, she took my order and the appearance of dishes began.The Egg Flower soup was pretty tasty. For the entree I ordered the most American Chinese food I could find, expecting that if they were to get one thing right, it would be an American-Chinese dish. So, I ordered the General Tao's chicken. That arrived on a very well arranged plate, but the satisfaction with the dish quickly went away once I started eating. Well, actually first I had to track down the waitress to get some chopsticks (I feel like this is something they should probably offer to people at a Chinese restaurant). Then, once I got my chopsticks, I started eating this dish.The spring roll was bland. The fried rice was both dry and flavorless. The noodles were just kinda okay. The chicken was definitely the worst part. General Tao's chicken is a sweet and spicy sort of dish, and this one was neither. It was just salty. It was covered in a sauce that looked normal, but it truly had no other flavor than fried breading and salt. If I wasn't on my lunch break and really hungry I don't think I would've actually eaten this. But, being very hungry and in a rush I did unfortunately consume it all. The whole dish was just so wrong that I don't know that sending it back to the kitchen would've even come close to fixing it, so I just didn't try. I ate my food, paid my bill, and decided that I would tell the world about the nasty food I had at the Rice Bowl.Note to management: Fix your food! Had the food been remotely decent, this would've been at least a 3 star review. You've got a nice looking place, now you just need to get some good food and polish your service skills and you'd have a really nice Chinese restaurant downtown.
Title: 1/10/2013 2:14:00 AM
They have remodeled and decorated. Looks great! I love their soup. They make it after you order it so it is fresh. Enough for 4 meals. I also enjoy the chinese chicken salad. It is addictive. I always order a la carte. I want to try all of their soups.

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